Beautycounter Skincare Review & My Current Routine

It’s been a whole year since I shared my skincare routine! How did that happen? I guess since I wasn’t feeling great about my skin over the Winter months, I didn’t feel like I could really rave about a particular routine. BUT now my skin is back to health, and I wanted to share my current non-toxic skincare routine. So this is my current routine, but also an honest review of the Beautycounter Skincare products, I have been using diligently for nearly 2 months now. 

If you remember my post earlier this year about my favourite skincare products for sensitive skin, I shared that I started using Cerave products, which totally brought my skin back to health. Cerave, is far from natural and there are several ingredients that I don’t love, but for the temporary time I used them, they worked! What drew me to them initially after doing exhaustive research was that they are backed by dermatologists, and others with severe dryness were giving the line great reviews. I have to say that I will always have it in my arsenal if my skin ever starts to show signs of extreme unbalance again. 

However after my skin started looking really good I switched to the Beautycounter Countermatch line. I was looking for a routine that was non-toxic, safe, and also backed by science. To be honest, it has kept my skin looking even better than when I was using Cerave! I have less blemishes now that I did, and overall the health and texture of my skin has been amazing. So today I’m going to share a review, my routine, and what also didn’t work out for me. This routine is shockingly simple, but it works! 

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm Review


I take a small pea sized amount of the Cleansing Balm and work this into the skin. This is a nice time to really massage the face. After I feel like my makeup has been lifted I will then take a warm washcloth to remove the cleanser and makeup from the skin. 

This cleansing balm is very gentle, but does have vitamin C to help brighten the complexion. I have since learnt that this can be used as an intensive overnight hydration mask. I might have to try that this winter (when my skin seems to suffer the most from dryness.)


Now, if there’s something I have learned over the last few years, it’s that double cleansing is EVERYTHING! Especially if you are a makeup wearer. It’s important to remove the makeup and then actually cleanse the skin. I am currently using this Pure Calm Cleansing Milk, the more I use it, the more I like it. It’s very gentle, and non-stripping. It leaves my skin feeling calm, cleansed, and ready for moisturizer. Also the scent is very light, but lovely. 


Final step, I know this is super minimal, but it’s working for me! I apply a bit of the Adaptive Moisture Lotion. I ADORE this lotion! It smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling nice and protected. I do wish I had something a little heavier for nighttime, so I will be getting the recovery sleeping cream in my next order. However, for now this is what I’m using and I love it! 

So that’s basically it. I adore all of these products. The one product that didn’t work out for me however, is the Rejuvenating Eye Cream. I talk a bit more about it in the video, but it’s just too active for my sensitive skin. My mom however uses it every day and loves it. So I think if you are more normal with your skin, you may really love it. 

So that’s my little routine. Do you have a complex routine or a minimal routine? I would love to hear what you are currently using. xo, Jenna


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