Best of Beautycounter (Vol. 1)

For the last few weeks I have been using a few beauty products from the brand, Beautycounter. My first impressions of this brand were very positive, I ADORE their packaging, they are very sustainable, yet ingredient conscious (all things that are important to me as well.) Their packaging is high-end and luxurious, something that I truly have missed so much since switching to healthier beauty products. That has always been one of downfalls of most eco beauty brands (sauve que Kjaer Weis – who of course are over the top luxurious) 

Yesterday I spent some time learning more about Beautycounter and I’m just going to put a few little bullets as to what I love about them and their mission. 

  • They are a Certified B Corp (like what Fair Trade is to Coffee, a B Corp is the ultimate goal for any corporation, in terms of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency) – learn more here. Apparently this is a very difficult certification to obtain.
  • They screen every ingredient for specific hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption, and infertility. There’s a story I want to tell you about this – definitely in an upcoming video!
  • They have banned over 1500 ingredients that are harmful or questionable from their formulations (they call this the Never List)
  • They have partnered with the EWG, and have every product verified for safety. The EWG was the first resource I used when changing to cleaner beauty. I trust and always recommend them. 

There’s so much more that I need to share with you, in terms of why this brand has really captured my attention. But I will save that for another video. 

Today I want to share the products that I have really been impressed by. So here, we go!

Beautycounter Tint Skin

This is a medium coverage foundation – and ever since I started using this… it’s what I have been grabbing everyday. I put this on par with Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation and the Antonym Foundation that I really like. A top 5 foundation video is definitely coming soon… but I love that this foundation really fills in my pores and makes my skin look naturally healthy. 

Also the longevity of wear is great – at the end of the day my foundation hasn’t rubbed off, but rather it’s still looking really nice. It’s supposed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and make the skin appear smoother, and I can definitely say it does make my skin look nice and smooth. Overall I really like this, and the packaging… it’s perfect!

Beautycounter Bronzer 1

YOU GUYS! This bronzer is the closest I have found to my holy grail Alima Pure Mauna Loa Bronzer. This has a very slight golden undertone in comparison, but out of all of my pressed bronzers this one is basically perfection for my fair skin tone. It’s velvety, buildable, and blendable. It’s so good! 

Beautycounter Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This may be my favourite discovery! I have missed actual eyeshadow palettes so much! I adore the Fitglow eyeshadow trios, but they currently are not available. These are so beautiful, creamy, blendable, velvety, I cannot rave enough. 

If you are ingredient conscious, you will notice the first ingredient is talc. The talc in these eyeshadows is certified asbestos free, and is sourced in Italy. They use the same talc that Kjaer Weis uses in their eyeshadows. They rigorously test for harmful contaminants. Talc itself isn’t a bad ingredient, similar to mica. It’s the sourcing that gives talc a bad wrap. So long as it’s sourced properly, and tested, it’s fine. Which is the case with these eyeshadows.

Anyway – like I said in the video, I don’t want to talk too much about ingredients, but this is probably the #1 question I get about these eyeshadows. For me, they are perfectly fine and the performance and quality is a 10/10.

Top: First Date / Bottom: Brunch

Beautycounter Colour Intense Lipstick

Everytime I swatch these, it looks like the bottom shade, Brunch has shimmer, but it definitely doesn’t. They have the same finish, just a creamy moisturizing lipstick that packs a ton of colour. These are really really good! If you like peppermint, without the tingle – you will love these! I find myself grabbing them day after day, simply because I enjoy wearing them so much. They are comfortable, and just a pleasant experience. Over the years I feel like I just keep getting pickier and pickier especially about lip products. These make the cut!

Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

The more I learn about the Countermatch skincare line, the more I want to try everything! This lotion is unique in that it contains ingredients that mimics the actual layers of the skin. I notice when I apply it, it gives a nice protective feel to the skin, without being heavy. It makes my skin feel smooth, soft, but also protected. 

I personally thought that this lotion smelled like cherries, but come to find out, it’s actually plum that they use to get the sweet fruity scent. It’s really lovely. I mostly have been using it in the morning. It gives me just enough moisture. I think this would be ideal for anyone from dry to combination. If you have extreme dryness, you might need something a little more, or if you are very oily, this probably will be too much for you. So basically, all skin types except for the extremes. I also find this doesn’t bother my rosacea at all, it’s very gentle.

I put this up there with my Fitglow Cloud Comfort Cream – and I have talked about that one a TON! This is just as nice.


Overall Thoughts 

I’m definitely going to be exploring more of this line! If you remember how I felt after discovering Fitglow Beauty (super impressed, and completely fell in love) – I feel a very similar way for Beautycounter at the moment. The more I learn about them, the more respect I have for this brand as a whole. 

I have said this over and over, but supporting brands that are making waves in the beauty industry, is very near and dear to my heart. I think buying organic and natural at Sephora is important, and also I feel very called to work with brands like Au Naturale Cosmetics, Beautycounter, etc, who are actually working to change the regulations around transparency in the beauty industry. 

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with that for now. I hope you enjoyed, and please let me know if you decide to try anything, or if you need help picking something out. I’m more than happy to help. You can shop Beautycounter here at my website, this website allows me to try more products at a better price – and it’s something that anyone can do. 

xo, Jenna


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