Nude & Noir Palette, Vapour Organic Beauty & more!

Ahh the Spring Mapleblume curation, called Blooming Beauty – and a beauty it is! So many amazing products featured in this box, including some incredible organic beauty brands.

I mean really – just look at those colours! Everything here looks so amazing. I couldn’t wait to start using them.

First we have a the Spirit Solid Perfume by Vapour Organic Beauty. If you have ever tried any of the Vapour Organic Beauty products, you know that they have a very distinct scent – it’s quite herbal, and I have come to love and expect it from all of my Vapour products. The Spirit Solid Perfume, also has this lovely scent. I love that it lasts really well considering it’s a natural perfume, free from synthetic fragrances. Also, it’s perfect for tossing in your purse, since it’s the perfect little size and won’t make a mess in your purse – so I love that!

Next we have the Mythologie Passion Fruit & Neroli Toning Facial Oil. So many beautiful oils in this facial oil. This is actually the only product of the box that I didn’t use just yet – I have so many oils on the go at the moment, and I have been rather conservative with trying new oils with my skin being so sensitive lately, so I figured it would be nice to give this away to one of you! The giveaway details will be at the bottom of this post. Good luck!

The Elyse Marie Botanicals N°79 Hair Repair was the first product I used from the box, and it’s LOVELY! It’s perfect for a evening pre-wash treatment. The lavender oils make it so relaxing, and it truly feels like I’m being pampered when applying this to my hair. It’s also light weight so it won’t weight down the hair like other hair oils I have used. Huge rave on this one!

I have been wanting to try the Nude & Noir Luxury Cream Palettes for a while now – I see them on Instagram all of the time. They are really nice, especially if you really love a cream product. This is the Provocative Palette. I used the pink shade on my cheeks and lips, it’s definitely a colour that I love and gives really beautiful pigmentation. The cream shade I used the highlight my cheekbones. It gives a nice subtle glow, without any glitter. Especially nice for mature skin since it doesn’t emphasize pores or settle into fine lines. It just enhances the place you want to look extra glowy. The bronzer shade I thought might be to warm, but I was wrong! It blended in beautifully and was all I used here. The taupe grey shade is a very unique colour, and is a different texture than the others. It’s a little bit of a dryer texture, giving it more staying power (especially needed on the eyes.) I’m very prone to creasing with my eyeshadows, so I would use this as a base for a evening smokey eye. I really loved playing with this, the colours are so smooth and have a base of coconut oil, which makes them blend beautifully for a very natural look.

Body care is something that I’m very picky with – so I rarely try new brands. I loved this body butter by OY-L – and I’m pretty sure I pronounced this wrong in the video, please forgive me. I think it’s pronounced like “oil.” None the less, it’s beautiful! Think whipped frosting consistency, and it smells incredible! The delightful orange rose scent isn’t overpowering, but just enough. I loved this product!

Last we have a little bonus, the Lavido Ultra Daily Facial Moisture Cream. This is the second product I have been able to try from Lavido, and their skincare is impressive! It leaves the skin feeling moisturized, but not oily. It has a perfecting quality to it, where it makes the pores appear smaller and leaves the skin looking mattified. Such a beautiful little addition to this box!

So this is the Spring Mapleblume Box, you can subscribe here. It’s such a nice little treat, and I love that they allow for a one time purchase. Also perfect for gift giving (Mother’s Day is coming up!) Thank you so much for stopping by, and please be sure and enter the giveaway! xo Jenna

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