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There’s something about Spring that always has me refreshing my makeup. I also figured it was about time to test more organic foundations – so I picked out a few that I was really curious about.

Let’s start with 100% Pure, they are most certainly one of my favourite brands. I have had my eye on the Blood Orange cleansing balm since it was first released, it just sounds perfect for removing makeup without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. The colour and scent are so beautiful! First impressions are great. I also picked up this Argan Oil creamy cleanser, because it also sounded like it would be best suited to my skin type, and I love discovering new creamy cleansers.

I had to repurchase my holy grail SPF – it’s simply the best! It works for sensitive skin, and my entire family agrees that it’s the best spray SPF that we have tried.

One of the foundations I have had on my list for a long while to try is the Cream Foundation by 100% Pure. I have always been so curious about this! I’m actually wearing it in the video, and first impressions are really good. I’m going to continue using it and eventually I will share more about it.

Now for the fun part! I really wanted to freshen things up with some pretty pink colours. First I picked the Chiffon Blush, it’s so beautiful! Then I couldn’t decide between Peach Bellini and Vixen – both are beautiful but at present I’m favouring Vixen. It is the perfect shade of pink that I was looking for. I will most definitely be using this in an upcoming makeup look.

Concealer has been one of the hardest things for me to find in a eco beauty formula, but the 2nd Skin Concealer has been wonderful. It’s very fluid, but gives great coverage. I use this under the eye, and it doesn’t require a setting powder. It’s no wonder this is my 3rd tube – it’s the best!

I have always wanted to purchase the Kjaer Weis Foundation but was always unsure of a shade match. Even as I placed my order I seconded guessed my right shade, and made a last minute change. I’m so glad I did. Lightness is going to be perfect for me. More to con on this!

In the same order I decided to repurchase the Nu Evolution Pressed Powder Foundation. I enjoyed it so much, and really had no complaints about it, so I decided there was no sense in trying something different.

Ilia Beauty has always been a brand that I have been interested in, but I honestly just really haven’t tried much from them. When they recently released some new products, I knew I wanted to try them. With your push, I decided to take the plunge. I have been using the brand new True Skin Serum Foundation, and my first impressions are really good. I’m going to revisit this one very soon! I also really wanted to try the Eye Primer, I still need to use this a little more before I can say whether or not I like it better than my previous holy grail.

Fitglow Beauty has released a new cream highlight, called the Lumi Firm. It contains ingredients that help to firm the skin, but also gives a beautiful glow. It’s really beautiful, I will show it very soon in a makeup look!

I have so many brow products that I love from pomades to pencils, but I recently found myself missing a powder for the days that I want a super soft brow, but still defined. I have had this brow powder on my wish list for a while now, and decided to give it a try. At the same time I picked up 3 lip liners, Rose, Spice, and Nutmeg, because I have been on a real lip liner kick these days.

Finally for makeup and skincare I have been wanting to try Beautycounter for quite some time now. I decided to sign up to get the most products/best deal – since they are pretty high end. Does anyone else get Estee Lauder feels? The packaging just seems so luxe. Anyway, I figured if I really like any of the products, I will be able to help you get matched or give recommendations. So here’s a list of everything I mention in the video.

Countermatch Lotion
Dew Skin in No. 1
Tint Skin in Linen
Touchup Concealer Pen in Light
Brow Pencil in Medium
Volumizing Mascara
Cream Blush in Hibiscus
Sheer Lipstick in Rose
Lipgloss in Peony & Bare Shimmer

Finally I picked up a few things from my favourite Gel Nail brand, Madam Glam. I have a video tutorial here of how I do my manicure. I have been wearing Pastel Lilac for the last few weeks, and it’s pretty perfect for the upcoming Easter Weekend. Here are a few other products that I needed:
No Wipe Top Gel
Hydra Chrome Powder
Illumination Glitter Powder
Perfect Black

So that wraps up all of the new organic beauty items I have to play with. I’m incredibly slow with reviews, so it may take a bit of time. What would you prefer to see first?

xo, Jenna


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