Organic Sunless Tanning Favourites & Eco Tan Review


Over the last few years I have been trying organic sunless tanners, in search of a few holy grail products that I can really depend on when I need a good fake tan. I love having a bronze glow, especially since I have such fair skin. I find it really helps bring out my blue eyes, and overall makes me feel a little better when baring a little more skin in the Spring and Summer months. Today I’m sharing my favourites, everything from an express one hour tan to a gradual sunless tanner.

Most recently I started using some products from Eco Tan. The Cacao Firming Mousse and the Face Tan Water. I was so curious about both of these products. It seems as though Eco Tan has been around for quite some time, as I am always seeing them on Instagram. I have always been a little nervous using a tanning product on my face, so when I discovered the Face Tan Water, problems solved! This tans gradually and is very user friendly. It’s nothing dramatic, but it is effective. I use it around 3 times a week to give my face a little colour. Also you need the littlest amount, so I am certain this is going to last a good while.

Where I have found the most trouble finding a product I love, is with a tanning product that gives me a good amount of colour in a short period of time. Most organic sunless tanners require around 8 hours to develop. Not the Cacao Firming Mousse – it’s an express tan that will give a golden glow in 1 hour, and a deeper bronze in 4 hours. Now that I can do! Also, it smells incredible, with notes of coffee and cacao! It’s very enjoyable to apply, and I use this tanning mitt to make application quick and easy. It’s so convenient, and gives a beautiful tan. Below I am easily two shades darker than my natural very fair skin tone.

Last year I discovered the Luna Bronze line. The two products that have become staples are the Tanning Moisturizer and the Self Tanning Lotion. My favourite of the two is most definitely the Tanning Moisturizer, it’s a gradual tanner. I apply this in the morning and go about my day. It builds beautifully, and looks so natural. For a quicker tan I enjoy theĀ Sunless Tanning Lotion. I love that this has a tanning guard, which makes it easy to apply. It does require 8 hours to develop, so this is a product I use overnight. It’s moisturizing, and gives a really pretty colour. All of the Luna Bronze products are well known for their beautiful citrus scent.

So that wraps up my favourites organic sunless tanners. All of which are very easy to use, mess free, and deliver a beautiful tan. Click here to get 10% off your order on Eco Tan.

xo, Jenna


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