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For everyday, I am all about convenience and simple easy makeup. Thanks to super early Saturday morning hockey practice (at the arena by 7 am) I have put together this little routine, to make getting out of the house looking half decent, a cinch.

But first I want to introduce you to Natural Beauty, Wellness, and Lifestyle vlogger, Ailish Lucas. Her YouTube channel is called The Glow Getter, I just love watching her videos and I think you will too! She is from the UK, posts a few times a week, and I just really enjoy her content. Be sure and check out her channel.

Now, let’s go through my makeup bag and get ready for the day.

The Base

There are three foundation type products that I like to keep in my bag. For a nice satin coverage, I enjoy this foundation. My all time favourite all around foundation, and finally the product I’m using today is a BB Cream, that I just love. It’s super glowy and doesn’t emphasize any dry patches.

To conceal, I used my favourite cream concealer, which also helps to brighten the under eye. It instantly makes you look more awake, and helps with any darkness and also has great ingredients to help de-puff. I have also been keeping this concealer in my bag for when I need to cover any blemishes, or add a little extra coverage.

To set everything in place, I used this powder that is super affordable, and has basically blown me out of the water. It is very finely milled, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.


I always keep tweezers in my bag, and I am super picky with tweezers, these ones are so good! I always have this brow pomade in my bag, when I want a really defined brow. It also has really great ingredients to help with brow growth, so if you need that – I would definitely give it a try. When I need to get out of the house quick, I love using this brow pencil. Let’s face it, brows can take up a lot of time, but this pencil makes it super quick and also very natural looking.


I have two bronzers in my bag, the first is great for contouring since it’s a little cooler toned, and then I also keep this one in my bag for giving a nice sunkissed bronze to my skin.

When I want a pop of pink to my cheeks I have been using this pink blush, the formula is really nice and blendable, plus it’s drugstore! Today I decided to opt for a rose blush, this formula is very very pigmented, so I only use a little bit to get a pretty flush.


When it comes to eyes, this is where my bag is overflowing! I love eyeshadows. I think it has always been my favourite part of makeup. I really like this eyeshadow primer, it’s like a cream to powder formula so eyeshadows blend really nicely on top of it.

I’m going to list all of my Red Apple Eyeshadows – they are an essential in my everyday makeup bag. Eyeshadows (single pan) left to right, top to bottom.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I also have been using this eyeshadow palette very frequently! If you love neutral brows, it’s great for day to night looks.

For years I have been using this little eyeshadow trio, it is a fave in my collection.

For todays look I wanted to show this loose mineral eyeshadow, I have had it for quite some time and I just love how reflective and sparkly it is on the lid, without being too much.

I always have this eyeliner in my bag – it’s super black and stays on the water line better than anything else I have found.

The Eyelash Curler I love can be found here.

For mascara, I have been so impressed with this drugstore find!


I just love a good highlight – these are the two I keep in my bag. For a cream highlightthis is my go to. For a powder highlight, I just love this one!

Lips, lips, and more lips.

I could go on and on about lips.  Here’s a list of what’s in my bag.

Natural Lip Liner (I used this one)
Rose Lip Liner
100% Pure Nude Lipstick
Fitglow Nude Lipstick
Matte Liquid Lip (I used this one too)

A few other things…

Now this makeup setting spray, is cruelty free but not natural, just an FYI. Find it here and here. h and

These are the makeup brushes I use – there were a few others but to be honest I won’t be replacing them. I really like the quality of these.
Brushes Used:

What I’m Wearing

Periwinkle Tank
White Athletic Jacket
Crescent Moon Necklace


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