100% Pure Better Naked Palette

Step 1: Base

For this look, I used this foundation by 100% Pure. If you’re a fan of medium buildable coverage, that is very lightweight – this will be a great foundation for you. It covers and lasts very well with a nice satin finish. I’m wearing the lightest shade. 100% Pure has a great guide to finding your perfect match here.

To conceal, I used my favourite cream concealer, which also helps to brighten the under eye. It instantly makes you look more awake, and helps with any darkness and also has great ingredients to help de-puff.

To set everything in place, I used this powder that is super affordable, and has basically blown me out of the water. It is very finely milled, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

Step 2: Brows

I was missing this brow pencil so much, that I decided to recently reorder it. Here I’m wearing the shade dark brunette. It’s simply my favourite when I want a more natural look. To set them in place, I used this brow gel. Both of these are featured in the GBSG – which means they come highly recommended by me.

Step 3: Bronze

I’m still looking for a new HG bronzer, but in the meantime I have been using this bronzer that works beautifully when you want a nice sunkissed glow. I prefer it in the summer months when I have a bit more colour, so I think if you have a skin tone that’s a little darker than mine, you will love this one.

Step 4: Eyes

I always like to put down an eyeshadow base before I start applying eyeshadows, and I think it’s especially important if you are prone to creasing like I am. Plus it helps to make your eyeshadows pop a little bit more.

Next, ahhhh.. drum roll please, the brand new 100% Pure Better Naked Palette. Be sure and watch the video to hear my entirety of thoughts. The short of it is, yes I love this palette! Do you need it? Yes, you do!

To finish up the eyes I used this liner to line the upper lash waterline, it’s super black and dramatic and never disappoints. Before I apply the lashes, I always put down a little bit of liquid liner. It helps to blend the lashes to the natural lashes.

To finish up the eyes I just had to apply my favourite lashes – they are so pretty! It really changes the look so much. If you use this link, you will save on them!

Step 5: Lips

This month I have been all about the nude lips, and the one product they all have in common is this lip liner. It’s my HG lip liner, I love it so much! It’s the perfect peachy, pink without being too brown. Then to finish up the look I applied this lipstick, it’s very moisturizing and also doesn’t leave you looking washed out. Definitely one to add to your collection, if you love nudes like me.



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