September Art of Organics // Laurel Brighten Mask + My Return to YT

It feels so good to be back into the normal routine.  Today I’m sharing first impressions of the September Art of Organics curation feat. the Laurel Brighten Mask + I also give a little life update.

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A few additional thoughts.  Laurel spoke about the abilities this mask has to work with creating flow in the lymphatic system.  The last time I used this mask, I took it farther down my neck than I had in the past, and as a result had a much different experience.  I noticed having a lot of said tingling down my neck, even after the mask was removed.  It creating a very different, yet positive experience for me.

I liked to use the Graydon Face Food to keep the mask active, a bottle of water with a mister would also work.

September Art of Organics Box
$39 / month with a value of $70+
2-4 full size, carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free products.

Additional products from Laurel I have tried:
Honey Berry Enzyme Facial Mask
Antioxidant Facial Serum
Facial Elixir: Normal/Mature

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