Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

Still looking for a creamy, moisturizing shave cream?  Try the Kiss My Face Moisture Shave!  This is my absolute go to!  When I noticed that I have nearly have used up an entire bottle this summer, it reminded me that I really need to share the love on this affordable, natural gem. 
Creamy, moisturizing, protects, smoothes, what doesn’t this shave cream do?  Not to mention that the bottle seems to last a really long time, much longer than conventional shave creams.  It comes in a nice pump bottle, and the scents I have tried are amazing!  My favourites are cool mint, and pomegranate grapefruit.  
What’s to love?
  • Natural ingredients with botanical blends
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben, phthalate, SLS free
  • Gives a lovely close shave
I get this on iHerb, and as a Canadian, I love that they ship worldwide.  The shipping is very affordable, and there is an option to include all duty fees in the shipping costs.  No hidden costs! 
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