3 Must Haves for Beautiful, Glowing Skin This Summer

Ocean, Sun, Earth, Atmosphere…  OSEA Malibu.  Move over Aveda! I recently got my hands on some of OSEA Malibu’s Body Care products, and just in time.  Spending time out in the sun and on the beach leaves our skin feeling dry and dehydrated, so incorporating lightweight nourishing body care into our routine is essential for keeping out skin healthy and glowing.

If you want to see my entire Summer Body Care Routine, watch the video below. To learn more about each product I have been using, just keep on reading.

In the above video I show exactly how I have been using these products to help moisturize and protect my skin, post beach day.

Reasons to love OSEA Malibu

  • No GMO’s, Gluten, or Synthetic Ingredients
  • Leaping Bunny Approved, means no animal testing
  • Anti-aging Natural, Organic Ingredients
  • Contains Superfoods, Anti-oxidants, and Vitamins
  • Committed to Sustainable, and Safe Skincare Products 

My absolute favourite from the OSEA line is the Undaria Algae Oil, it’s nourishing and leaves the skin glowing. It’s perfect for nourishing dry skin and helps to reduce inflammation in sensitive skin.  This can be used all over the body, including the face. Some of the ingredients are acai, babassu, and sesame.  The Undaria Algae Oil, provides antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids to the skin. What makes me love this so much is the scent.  There are no artificial fragrances, but the natural scent puts me right into spa mode in seconds. It absorbs nicely, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. A totally must have for healthy glowing skin.

In the last few months I have been trying a lot of exfoliators, especially since I needed something to help remove the final remains of the organic self tanner I have been using, before I apply a new fresh tan.   The OSEA Malibu Salts of the Earth Body Scrub has surpassed my expectations.  I needed something that wasn’t too oily, but was moisturizing.  All too often the exfoliators I have been using leave the floor of my bathtub slippery, and happily this doesn’t.  It’s the perfect mix of exfoliator and moisture in one. Not to forget mentioning that he salts help to detox and heal the body.

Looking for a lightweight, fragrance free lotion that nourishes post-sun exposure? Ocean Lotion is the perfect lightweight moisture the body craves post sun exposure, and it absorbs quickly without any kind of sticky residue.  It’s packed full of organic nourishing ingredients like, macadamia seed oil, kukui nut oil, vitamin E, and amino acids. 
There’s something so refreshing about a mist after a day in the sun.  The Sea Minerals Mist is  refreshing, hydrating, and cooling.  Place it in the fridge for the ultimate cooling effect. It helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and restores balance to the skin. 

Shop: OSEA Malibu products can be purchased here: oseamalibu.com
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