The Best Organic Sunless Tanner: Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur

Who doesn’t love a good tan?  After winter, we all crave that sun kissed glow to our skin, but finding a safe option that doesn’t involve laying out in the sun’s harmful UV rays can be a challenge.  In years past, I tried several organic self tanners, and was always disappointed by the awful smell, messy application, and at the end of the day I figured it just wan’t worth it.  So I continued on with my very fair skin.

Fast forward to this summer, and again I am craving a bronzed glow to my skin.  So I decided to take the plunge and try a couple more.  One that really stood out to me as being unique, as it came in a spray bottle, was the Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur.  Spoiler alert, I am in love! To see my before and after and learn more, just keep on reading. 

Personally, I think the before and after speaks for itself.  With the Chocolate Sun Cocoa FleurI am literally 2-3 shades darker, and the best part is that this tanner doesn’t have any offensive smell and is super easy to apply.

Application: The spray nozzle makes application a breeze.  I stand in the shower, spray it on, and then use a mitt (I bought one on to evenly distribute the product over the area.  You could also use an old face cloth.  Be careful on the knees, ankles, feet, hands, elbows, etc.  These areas will really pick up the colour, so I like to go lightly over them after I have already rubbed in most of the product.  There is a guard, so as you apply a noticeable bronze shade will immediately appear, and this makes it easy to ensure no spots get missed.

My husband helped spray my back, and I noticed immediately that he applied more product than I did, so I went back over the rest of my body to make sure it was the same colour all over, otherwise I think my back would have been darker.

I noticed a bit of overspray, but I found that it washed away easily with just water, and didn’t stain my bathtub.  Really it was that easy!  Spray, rub in, and I put on a robe just until it was dry (approx 20 minutes.)  It takes roughly 6 hours to develop the tan.

Wearability: To make your tan last longer, it is recommended to stay hydrated and moisturized.  This will just prolong the tan, and go lightly when washing in the shower.  I noticed if I really scrubbed an area, the pigment would start to come off.

Overall, the tan lasted on me well over a week.  It faded naturally, and at about 2 weeks out, I did exfoliate and reapplied.  The colour is a beautiful bronze, and doesn’t appear to be orange at all.  Even though I am very fair, the shade 3 (dark) still looks very natural on me.   It isn’t streaky at all, and I seriously couldn’t ask for anything more, it’s the perfect organic natural self tanner!

Where to buy: I got this product from Eco Diva Beauty.  It retails for $42, and comes in three shades.

Final Thoughts: Totally worth the money, and especially perfect if you have a special occasion that you want to look perfectly bronzed, or if you are going on vacation and want beautifully tanned legs without spending hours in the sun.  This is definitely a summertime must have!

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