6 Summer Essentials // Natural Beauty Products You Need To Have!

With the cold months behind us, we can finally enjoy the sun! ☀️  But with the sun comes a whole new set of concerns, sun protection, pale skin, having perfectly manicured toes, the list goes on and on.  For simplicity sake I have curated the 6 Summer Natural Beauty Essential that you need to have this summer.  From sun protection to getting the perfect summertime glow, these products are must haves! To watch the video and learn more, just keep on reading.

1. A 100% Natural Facial Sunscreen
Suntegrity Natural Facial Sunscreen and Primer
To start, let’s talk sun protection.  Specifically facial sun protection, because these fine lines are getting any finer, and we want to ensure that sun spots are kept at bay.  So it’s important that we are applying a sunscreen to our face, and a non-chemical SPF is safest.  Suntegrity Natural Facial Sunscreen and Primer melts into the skin, and doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost. It’s the perfect primer for before applying a BB cream or foundation and will keep your skin safe from the elements.  It boasts a SPF of 30, and acts as a moisturizer, SPF, and primer all in one.  Multi-use products are the best, especially in Summertime, when we want to simplify our routine. Think of this sunscreen as superfood for the skin, the amazing ingredients contained are known to treat rosacea, acne, and other skin concerns.

2. Organic Sunless Tanner
Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur Self Tanner
Summer essentials wouldn’t be complete without a safe, healthy tan.  Skip the tanning beds that emit harmful UV rays, and choose an all natural self tanner that will give you that beautiful glow.  The Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur Self Tanner is a professional grade spray tan, that comes in three shades ranging from light to dark.  If you prefer a dark tan, and have fair skin I would however go with the darkest tanner.  It goes on beautifully, and gives an immediate glow to the skin.  I like to apply post shower, right before bed.  Then when I wake in the morning I have a beautiful tan, beach ready! See a before and after here.

3. Vibrant Nail Lacquers

If you have been watching my videos on YouTube, it’s no shocker to you that having a bright coloured Treat Collection nail polish is a must!  I have mentioned them in several of my favourites videos, simply because this is the BEST, 5 free nail polish have ever used.  It’s healthier than the regular conventional polish, and when using the base coat and fast drying top coat, it lasts me a full 5 days.  That’s pretty impressive, and there is a colour for everyone.  On my wish list is Fabulous a beautiful vibrant fuchsia, and Summertime a bright orangey shade.  I can’t wait to add these to my EcoDiva Beauty cart!

4. Pretty Coral or Orange Toned Lipsticks
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Coraline, Melontini, & Hibiscus
Corals add the perfect pop of colour without going overboard, this time of year.  The newest shade of 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze is Coraline, and it is seriously the most beautiful bright coral shade.  I am also loving Hibiscus, the perfect orange red, and Melontini which is a little more muted. These colours instantly add the perfect pop of colour to the face, without being too much.  Add a little bronzer and mascara, and voila the perfect beach worthy look! See all on the NEW 100% Pure lipsticks on my lips here.

5. A Glowy Bronzer 
Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer  & Alima Pure Mauna Loa
Minimal beauty routines require a few things, BB cream, mascara, lip colour, and of course bronzer.  Forget everything else and bronzer alone can add dimension and instantly give life and colour to the face.  How do I know?  Take it from a pale girl, who requires some colour to the face.  The Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer adds definition and dimension to really warm up the skin tone, and radiates hues of bronze for that sun-kissed glow we all know and love. The Alima Pure Mauna Loa bronzer is perfect for light to medium skin tones, that require a bit of warmth.  This will work especially well if you have more oily prone skin.  Double up the Kjaer Weis & Alima Pure bronzers to really lock in the colour to make it last all day!

6. Water-Resistant Mascara
Pacifica Aquarian Gaze, Water-Resistant Mascara
Every gal needs a water resistant mascara!  This is my go to for swimming, going to the beach, weddings, etc.  Basically anywhere that either tears or water is involved.  It gives great definition and length to the lashes.  It’s formulated with coconut, kelp, and vitamin D, so it’s basically superfood for your lashes. A total must have for Summertime!

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