Top 9 Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadows

Under the impression that natural makeup always comes in the form of messy loose mineral products?  Think again!  Red Apple Lipstick has some of the best quality all natural pressed eyeshadows out there!  Natural or not!  

So why am I showing you my top 9, and not 10?  9 is the exact number that fits perfectly into a Red Apple Lipstick Custom Eyeshadow Z-Palette.  That’s right, you can completely customize your palette of all natural eyeshadows, and if I had to pick the top 9 in my collection, this is it!  Want to hear what they are? Just keep on reading. 

Some of the very first all natural pressed eyeshadows I ever tried were Red Apple Lipstick.  They certainly did not disappoint, and actually set the bar pretty high for my expectations of all subsequent natural pressed eyeshadows that I try.  The pigmentation is incredible, they blend like a dream, and never irritate my sensitive eyes.  

Other reasons why I love these eyeshadows?  They are gluten free, allergen free, talc free, GMO free, dye free, vegan, among many other things.  

They have a fabulous return policy, and actually guarantee their products for 6 months!  Yes, 6 months.  If you break it, smash it, step on it… anything … they will exchange it or refund 100% of your money! Their customer service is some of the best I have ever seen.  Plus they have some really great sales sometimes, so that’s usually when I stock up!  

So without further a-do, here are my favourites!  (as seen in photo above)

  1. Like-U-Latte
  2. Innocence
  3. Minx
  4. Black Magic
  5. That’s My Jam!
  6. En Pointe
  7. Clean Slate
  8. Oh Schnapp!
  9. Chocolate Martini
Wondering what colours are on my wish list? Iced Mocha and Brownie Points at the top of my list, since I happen to have a couple of open spots in my second palette. 😉

Here’s a recent tutorial where I used my favourite Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadows:
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