Eco Beauty Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

It’s that time of year again, and if you are struggling with what you get your love, well sit tight, because I have you covered!  I have curated the perfect selection of eco friendly gifts for your special someone, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a little something (ahem, that’s me!) So without further a do, here are the best one-stop-shop ideas to get you ready for the day of Love!

1. One Love Organics The Cleansing Sponge: Shop Here
This cleansing sponge can be used alone or with your favourite cleanser. The heart shaped design makes it perfect for V-Day or just any day that you want to treat your skin to a little extra exfoliation. It will detox the skin, buff away impurities, and wipe away makeup. The Rose Clay Sponge is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.  (pictured top left)
2. FitGlow Beauty Lipstick Mae: Shop Here
Your regular run of the mill lipsticks contain lead, and that’s a fact.  You can feel good about kissing your loved one when they are wearing this all natural formula.  It contains organic moisturizing butters and is full on colour.  This medium pink is gorg, and will suit anyone and everyone!  (pictured top middle) 
3. BKR Water Bottle 1L Sugar: Shop Here
This colour was inspired by chocolate soufflé, goodnight kisses, and strawberry season.  What screams Valentine’s Day more than that?  This eco chic water bottle is the perfect, stylish water bottle to carry to work, the gym, you name it.  Made from glass and silicone, it is BPA free, phthalate free, dishwasher safe, and totally amazing!  A must have for any woman on the go!  (top right) 
4. Vapour Organic Beauty Multi Use Classic Blush in Courtesan: Shop Here
Whether your gal prefers minimal makeup or full on glam, she will love this classic rose blush.  So hold the dozen of roses, and get her something that won’t wither away in a week…  or, okay maybe get her both.  But this blush is perfect for all skin tones and ages. (middle left) 
5. W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Berry: Shop Here
My favourite lip gloss of all time (…well at least one of them!) Non-sticky, hydrating, and soothing on the lips. I LOVE that this lip gloss contains wintermint and spearmint, so it’s basically a lip gloss and breath freshener all in one.  What could more perfect for when you meet up with that special Valentine? (middle centre) 
6. Treat Collection Nail Polish in Wedding Day and Timeless: Shop Here
The best non-toxic nail polish I have ever tried.  It lasts super long when paired with the Fast Drying Top Coat (so get that too!) Maybe you are married to this special lady that you are shopping for, the colour Wedding Day is the perfect light pink/white.  It is so gorg, and I’m sure you will get bonus points for picking this polish with the name ‘Wedding Day’ Maybe you aren’t quite ready for marriage, so the colour Timeless is also so pretty!  It’s a little brighter, and will also be perfect for Spring and Summer, which is right around the corner.  I highly recommend both.  (bottom left) 
7. My Daughter Fragrances Always Loved: Shop Here
This all natural perfume is made in Canada, and compounded in France… can you say fancy?  The name alone makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day, because you definitely want your special someone to know that they are ‘Always Loved.’ This fragrance features notes of Bulgarian Rose, Cocoa Absolute, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Cedar. (bottom middle) 
8. Prtty Peaushun Body Lotion: Shop Here
Body lotion is always a safe gift for any lady.  We love to feel soft and moisturized, and this lotion is doing double duty, because it contains anti-inflammatory arnica, and green tea prevents UV damage.  Not to mention, it contains caffeine, so it works to improve cellulite and tighten skin… ahem, YES please! The packaging is perfect for throwing into any bag, and taking on the go.  Seriously, an amazing product any lady would love to receive! (bottom right) 
So that pretty much sums up all of the amazing Eco Beauty/Lifestyle Valentine’s Day Gifts that I recommend.  If you are reading this wishing for some of these products, don’t forget to share it with your loved one to make their shopping super simple!  All items can be shopped at Eco Diva Beauty.  Plus they ship international!  Have fun shopping! 
xo, Jenna

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