Freshen Laundry Naturally!

Have you ever felt like your laundry routine needed a little boost? 

I use a very gentle, non abrasive, non scented laundry soap. Sometimes I feel like my laundry needs a little extra boost of fresh scent.  Of course I want it to be all natural, so this is what I do:

Add a few drops of my favourite essential oil before adding soap.  I literally put a few drops – ok maybe more than a few – maybe like 10, into the soap dispenser, and then add my soap.

You could use any essential oil you prefer. I like the Now Solutions brand. Today I wanted a very fresh antibacterial scent so I chose tea tree oil. It was a toss up between tea tree and lavender – both have antibacterial properties. 

After my clothes were finished in the washer they smelled so fresh! I highly encourage you to try this for affordable, 100% naturally scented laundry. 

If you really want the scent to last, I recommend air drying.  Using the dryer with heat will actually break down the scent. 

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can of course get really fancy and mix essential oils to create that perfect scent.

I highly encourage you to try it out! 


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