Products, Products, & More Products!

If you haven’t been checking out my YouTube channel – I have been covering A LOT of products over there!  I am also sharing groceries, meals, and updates on my journey in training to run a 5K with the program C25K.  In case you have missed it – I am 6 months postpartum and this is mostly in an effort to help stay on track with getting back to a healthy weight.  It is also in an effort to show how much it costs to eat a healthy, mostly organic diet, and to share meal ideas.

As far as my videos go, I also have plans to do more videos on safe products, breastfeeding related topics, and even cloth diapers. 🙂

Once I got over the initial shock of seeing myself on video – and realizing that the whole world can view it… I decided that sometimes it’s easier to cover more things by just doing a little video.

Sometimes my videos are a little crazy, and I don’t look all put together – ha! BUT the main thing is that I’m sharing information about safe products that are either Natural or Low Toxin.  Here are some videos I have posted in the past little while.

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