Regrow Green Onions

A couple of months ago, my husband and I were discussing green onions… something so simple, delicious, and IMPOSSIBLE to keep fresh (or at least that’s what I thought.) We were putting away groceries and talking about how they just wilt in no time at all, even when put in the crisper.

I had remembered seeing a picture or something that stated that they would keep better and would continue growing when placed in a mason jar with some water.

Well that was all I had to say, and my husband had them in a jar, sitting in the window.  I guess we thought it was worth a shot.

It has been two months since then, and we still have green onions growing!

So here’s my money saving tip.  Buy some organic green onions!

They cost a little more, but you will be able to have fresh organic green onions to use at any time.

Place them in a mason jar, in a window.  You may be surprised at how fast they grow.

Keep the roots trimmed, and change up the water every couple of days.  When you see that some of the sprouts have browned and dried, just peel them off.

When you want to use some green onion, just snip from the top.

Enjoy having fresh organic green onions all year round! 🙂



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