100% Natural Moisturizer for Spring and Summer

I used to waste money trying moisturizer after moisturizer.  I picked high end and low end. I was never satisfied with the results.  I thought I had terrible skin that was just prone to blemishes. I was wasting money on harsh chemical based products – that were actually damaging my skin. 

That was until I went 100% natural.  I realized that I actually have very sensitive skin.  It still isn’t perfect, but it has improved a lot.

A friend recommended I try Green Beaver.  Her skin is nearly perfect, so I figured it was worth a shot!  So – off I went to search out this moisturizer.  I am so happy I did!  I can’t say enough good about it. 

Cost: $16.99 (Well.ca has it on for $12.07)
Where I found it? Sobey’s Grocery Store (Click here for more locations)
EWG Rating: 2 (low hazard)

Here are some of the highlights: 

1. It’s made in CANADA! 
2. It’s 100% NATURAL!
3. It is for sensitive skin. 

As you can see – mine is almost gone. 🙁

A little more about it: 
It claims to be a light textured day cream. 
Absorbs quickly – yes!
Non-greasy – agreed.
Will not block pores 
Vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable. 

The texture is definitely lightweight.  It absorbs very quickly, and will not leave you feeling greasy at all.  You will just feel nicely moisturized.  I use this in the Spring/Summer, as I prefer something lighter for this time of the year. 

It says that it is fragrance free, so there is no chemical fragrance.  You will notice a very faint smell, I think it’s the green tea or aloe.  It doesn’t smell bad, and it doesn’t linger.  

It says it is good for eczema and psoriasis. The Aloe Vera soothes and red and irritated skin. 

I highly recommend this moisturizer – if you are looking for something light for the Spring and Summer.  It’s 100% Natural and made in Canada! That’s pretty hard to beat. 🙂 


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*All opinions are my own, and this product was purchased by me.


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